Jesse's Johto Journey

This is my journey. I want to become the greatest Pokemon Master the world has ever seen along with my two friends, Leah and Tim. Together, we will catch them all.
Dec 5 '11

tmthburkett3 asked:

Thanks for following me gay guy that likes pokemon(which is fucking amazing :D

Not a problem. Thanks for finding interesting things that are…interesting to follow lol. 

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Nov 6 '11


After beating Jasmine, I was invited to test out the Safari Zone. While there, I caught many new Pokemon, but none suited me for my slot that was free in my team. But then a shadow caught my eye, bringing my attention closer.

Murkrow…I needed a bird type and I also needed a dark type. I decided that I must catch her. And that is exactly what I did! She was now on my team. At first she was hesitant, but then I learned that she had been alone for so long. I told her she didn’t have to worry anymore, and I fly away from the Safari Zone with Omen!

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Nov 6 '11

Steeling Away Jasmine’s Badge

Jasmine was ready for battle. You could see it in her eyes. She wanted to win this battle more than anything. I had helped her heal Amphoros, but she wouldn’t go easy on me, and I would refuse to let her anyways.

Her first two were Magnemite. I promised Sharon (Lapras) that I would let her fight the next gym leader. She was determined to show me her strength. I sent her out to battle even though the odds were against her. 


With determination and skill, Lapras surfed away her first and second Magnemite. And then the real challenge began!


To make sure we won the battle Lapris used Parish Song right off the bat!


But it didn’t really matter in the end. Sharon easily defeated it with her surf attack. We had one another badge, and I was so happy. 

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Nov 6 '11

Amping Up Amphoros!

Upon returning to Olvine City, I rushed up the lighthouse to heal the Amphoros. Jasmine was so pleased to see Amphoros all better. It really warmed my heart to see the life come back to it. Jasmine really loved that Amphoros.

She then told me to come to the gym to challenge her. It was a request I could not deny. I quickly left the lighthouse and ran for the gym. I looked behind me and saw how beautiful the lighthouse really was. 

Jasmine….Here I come!

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Nov 6 '11


Upon entering the gym, I saw Chuck right away, but he couldn’t have been more oblivious to the world. He was too busy training under his waterfall.

I figured I had to stop the waterfall in order to battle. I took out all of his minions with Abby, and then shut off the waterfall. Chuck was upset, but I didn’t mind. I was about to get another badge!


Abby was determined to test her strength, so I held nothing back. It one move, Abby took it down with one wing attack. And then Chuck looked angry. He sent out Poliwrath.


His Poliwrath was no match for my Scyther, as she killed him in one move. I was so impressed with my Abby. She took down a gym leader in two hits, and she was at a lower level than the gym leaders Pokemon. I am definitely keeping her on my team. Now to go heal Amphoros, and take on Jasmine. I can’t wait to test the strength of my Sharon (Lapras). 

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Nov 6 '11

Help That Pokemon!

I made it to Olivine city!

In Olivine city, the people were in a panic. It seems that their Amphoros that lit up the lighthouse had fallen ill. Jasmine the gym leader was the most upset and wanted me to surf to Cianwood to get the secret medicine. Of course I agreed to help. Not only could I help a sick Pokemon, but I could also battle a gym leader. 

After getting there and retrieving the medicine, it was time to take on Chuck. I had heard that he had fighting types. Abby, it is time to test your strength!

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Nov 6 '11


While training with Abby, my Scyther, I started to hear rumors of a Lapras inside of the Union Cave. I decided that I would give it a shot to see if I could find Lapras. After lurking in the cave for what seemed like forever, I saw her. She was beautiful, magnificent, gorgeous, and possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 

With a net ball in hand, I caught her with a lot of effort. She was strong and powerful. I then named her Sharon. I exited the cave and let the rest of my team meet her. And then it happened. Nibbles fell in love.

I was so happy. She was happy to join my team and she fell for Nibbles as well. My whole team was happy, and so was I. I had one more slot open in my team, but I decided to leave it vacant, for it was time to test the strength of Abby and Sharon.

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Nov 6 '11


In need of 3 more Pokemon for my team, I decided to take the challenge of the bug Catching contest. I was thinking of adding another Butterfree to my team due to missing PaulaDeen. But something unexpected happened in the bug catching contest. I ran into a Scyther!

Just then all my plans changed. I wanted this magnificent beauty on my team. She was gorgeous. 

After making it weak I threw the ball, and Scyther was caught! She was now mine, and I named her Abby.

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Nov 6 '11

After Morty….

After beating Morty, my Mystogan learned Swift and became powerful shortly afterwards.


Shortly after, my mother called me and told me that our house had been broken into. Defenseless, I worried about my mothers safety. To ensure that nothing bad would happen to her, I left my Mystogan at my mothers house. She was very thankful and got along well with Mystogan. I was happy I could help her. 

Shortly after that, my Exmortis (Gastly) and I were training on the route before Olivine city when something amazing happened.


I was happy yet sad at the same time. I was afraid that Haunter would not be as silly as she was in her Gastly form….But how wrong I was. 

She was as silly as ever. Shortly after I ran into my friend Tim and he was wondering if I wanted to trade my Exmortis for his Graveler. I wanted to help him badly and I really would like Exmortis to be able to become a Gengar, but it was not my decision to decide. I asked Exmortis what her thoughts were.

She clapped in happiness. She would love to become a Gengar, so the trade began. And out of the trade, Exmortis became a Gengar! And she was as silly as ever.

My Axel was also having homesick issues and I was beginning to feel horrible. Even though he loved me, he was loyal to his family. What kind of trainer would I be if I didn’t take him home. When I released him, I saw that what he missed most of all were his brothers and sisters.

Wildwing was also having some problems when he broke his wing while playing around. I took him to Professor Elm where he will be taken good care of. I gave him my love, and then set off

While my team was dwindled, my Nibbles was working extra hard. He was taking down everything in his path.

And then it happened. With great determination Nibbles evolved. I was worried though because I was afraid he would be scary.

But he wasn’t. He was just strong and powerful, but he was still kind and loving.

We were pals. We even shared a fear of Spinaraks together.

My team may have dwindled, but we were powerful. 


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Nov 4 '11
After the match, I was allowed to surf the water!

After the match, I was allowed to surf the water!

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Nov 4 '11

The Morty Match off!

I was finally ready to take on Morty. I had heard terrible tales of how powerful he was, and especially his Gengar. I was prepared though, and I wasn’t afraid of ghost type Pokemon. I actually loved them very much, thanks to Exmortis. Because of this, I was already at an advantage because I had no fear. I was ready. With quick anticipation I defeated his minions and got past his trick floor. 

And then he saw me, and I saw him. Our eyes met, and the battle began.


With quickness, my Axel burnt his Gastly to a crisp, taking down his first Pokemon off the bat. Axel was worn out though due to taking on all of his minions, so I made him return.


I then sent out Exmortis. We were taking a chance, but I believed in her. With one move the Haunter was down to low health. I was hoping that Exmortis would not die after the next move. Haunter got ready and used….

Mean look. Exmortis had no intention of running anyways. And with another punch to the face, Haunter was down.


We did the same thing again, though this haunter was stronger. My Gastly did not fear though as she ran out of her last Sucker Punch. With one Pokemon left, Morty began to look serious. I knew it was about to happen. Any minute now he would summon his Gengar. I was prepared for the worst.

From underneath him, I could hear a giggle as his shadow began to take shape. And with an eerie chill to the air, two big red eyes appeared from his shadow.

Gengar. We finally were meeting in battle. I had heard so many tales of him that I began to become nervous. But then I remembered that Morty loved his Pokemon just as I did, and behind that scary facade was a lovable Gengar. I took a deep breath, and the fight was on.


I sent out Nibbles, knowing that he would show no fear, and the final battle began. With speed, Nibbles Surfed if backwards, washing away the fear. But then Gengar put Nibbles to sleep and began to Shadow Ball me while I was asleep. I couldn’t switch out due to the Mean Look. It was starting to look Grim, but then Nibbles awoke. With his strong jaw, he took a big bite to the Gengar who was readying a close up Sucker Punch. Nibbles had seized the victory. After defeating his Gengar, Morty gave me the fog badge. I was halfway there to becoming qualified for the Pokemon League. With a quick glance I looked back, thanking Morty for the battle and badge. His Gastly licked his face, and I knew I was right. He really does love his Pokemon, regardless if they are seen as scary or not. 

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Oct 30 '11

My Pokemon Team


I love my Mystogan despite an issue he has. Even though he has high special attack and very low attack, he only knows attack moves and no special attack moves. With hard work and determination though, we will learn one. Besides that, I love my Mystogan and he loves me. He is very strong willed and is always jumping for joy.


Even though she and I reunited recently, we are always laughing and having a wonderful time. She is very brave and never gives up in battle. Even though ghosts are supposed to be scary, they are very loving and caring. She even helps me fall asleep at night with Hypnosis if I can’t. We also love to play pranks on unsuspecting trainers. It’s all harmless fun though and she knows her limits. I am glad that she and I get along so well. I am even more glad to have her back with me.


This little guy used to be one naughty puppy. He would go around and burn random objects for fun (Thank goodness I had Nibbles to surf it out.) and just cause trouble. After much hard work and some stern talking, Axel has learned the difference between right and wrong. Now he stores up all his fire and I let him burn free once we are in battle. He is very strong and loyal. He never gives up if he believes he can win.


Wildwing has stuck with me from the beginning of my journey. He is very faithful and still follows every order I give him. He loves to fly around and scout for Pokemon that I have yet to catch. I talked to him the other day and asked him if he would ever let me fly on him when I got the HM and he evolved. He seemed very heart warmed to hear me ask that. I love my Wildwing, even if he isn’t so wild anymore.


To be honest, I not only love my Gloom but I also fear it. It is always at full health as it absorbs all of my foes energy using Mega Drain. It can also poison my enemies. I guess she is scary due to the fact that she is so powerful. But putting that aside, I do love her and can’t wait to get a stone for her to evolve. I have asked her for permission and she couldn’t be more excited. For now though, Gloom loves to dance and cuddle up to me during the day. At night she loves to roam around the camp with Exmortis. I just hope they aren’t running off causing trouble. 


I love my Nibbles. He will never leave my side. He is very loyal and gentle. In battle, he fights as hard as he can and never gives up. Without him I would be at home still. I can’t imagine a day without him. He will always be by my side. Unless he is off being mischievous, which I know he loves to do. 

I love him none the less. 

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Oct 30 '11
My Mystogan evolved into an Espeon. It makes me glad to know that he loves me so much he evolved. 

My Mystogan evolved into an Espeon. It makes me glad to know that he loves me so much he evolved. 

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Oct 30 '11

Lee Battle!!

When searching the Burnt Tower, I ran into Lee. He wanted to battle, and it was on.


Once again my Nibbles bite took down his Gastly in one move. I didn’t want this battle to be one sided, so I withdrew Nibbles


It was a flying versus flying, and the air was thick with anticipation. His Zubat confused my poor Wildwing, but he made it through and gusted away the Zubat.


Using Flamewheel, Axel took down Magnemite with ease. He was so determined to keep going I left him out for the battle. 


Axel was so happy when he took down Bayleef. It was a tough battle. Even though Axel had the advantage, Synthesis gave us a run for our money. 

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Oct 30 '11

Eusine and Morty

I met these two individuals when I entered the Burnt Tower. Eusine was crazy mad trying to find Suicune, which was his favorite Pokemon. Morty was the gym leader that I had been looking for to take on. Morty went back to his gym, and Eusine went looking for Suicune.

Which I ran into…..

It was a magical moment in my life, and for some odd reason, I felt a deep connection with Suicune.

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